How Dangerous is North Korea?

BBC Sounds - How Dangerous is North Korea?

During the latest episode of the BBC's The Real Story entitled "How Dangerous is North Korea?" ONN Engagement Network members Dr. Zhao and Prof. Moon Chung-in join Melissa Hanham, Deputy Director of One Earth Future's Open Nuclear Network (ONN) programme, as well as journalist Jean Lee and Amb. Kathleen Stevens to talk about North Korea on the 75th Anniversary of the Korean Worker’s Party. They discuss the collapse of talks with the US, COVID-19, and the unveiling of new missile systems displayed by North Korea during their recent October 10th military parade. During the segment, Ms. Hanham shared her insight into what these new technologies might mean regarding DPRK's on-going nuclear capability. "They are experts at securing the materials that they need and rapidly producing the technology they want." 

Listen to the full "How Dangerous is North Korea?" program.