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Melissa Hanham discusses open source analysis using Datayo

Saving the World with Datayo

Arms Control Wonks Jeffrey Lewis and Scott Lafoy sit down with OEF's Open Nuclear Network Deputy Director Melissa Hanham to talk about the intersection of data analysis and peace. Datayo is a new software platform that allows regular folks to delve into the world of open source data analysis and contribute to a more peaceful world.

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Inter Press Service

Philanthropy’s Role in the Missing Global Architecture

Inter Press Service (IPS), shares an op-ed written by OEF Founder and CEO, Marcel Arsenault discussing the promise of the United Nations over the last 75 years and how philanthropy has a role to play in building a global system for designing, implementing and updating a multitude of plans to tackle the world's most complex and interconnected challenges.

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Bloomberg News Logo

China’s Missiles Present Security Dilemma for Japan’s Next Premier

Open Nuclear Network contributor, Katsuhisa Furukawa provides insight into Japan's security concerns related to the China's missile program for Bloomberg. In the article, Katsuhisa states that the “Japanese ruling party politicians are worried that the hypersonic glide vehicle, hypersonic cruise missiles or a fleet of unmanned aerial vehicles in a formation flying for conventional attacks that are currently developed by China and Russia could become a game-changer for the near-future warfare.” Katsuhisa Furukawa is a security analyst who used to serve on the United Nations Panel of Experts on North Korea.

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Melissa Hanham on Voice of America Korea

VOA Washington Talk - Features ONN Deputy Director Melissa Hanham

In a segment of Voice of America Korean Service's Washington Talks, Melissa Hanham, Deputy Director of OEF's Open Nuclear Network program provides expert insight into North Korea's nuclear capability and other current events on the Korean Penninsula.

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RCN Radio and Paso Colombia

Women Seeding Peace: A Web Series Told by Peasant Women that Left Their Coca Crops Behind

The program “Land of Dreams” from RCN Radio, interviewed Pontus Ohrstedt, Head of the UN Multi-Partner Trust Fund for Sustaining Peace in Colombia, and Juan Fernando Lucio, National Director of PASO Colombia. Ohrstedt highlighted the sustainability of the voluntary coca crops substitution. Lucio talked about the web series “Women Seeding Peace” and the Contingency Plan to Support Ex-Coca Grower Families that bridges the gap between phases of the National Comprehensive Program for the Substitution of Illicit Crops (PNIS).

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Univalle and Paso Colombia

Juan Fernando Lucio in Television Debates

Juan Fernando Lucio, director of PASO Colombia, participated in Television Debates, a program of Univalle University Channel. He talked about the work carried out by PASO in peacebuilding and the sustainable development of the Colombian countryside. He also discussed the “Women Seeding Peace” web series produced by PASO, expressing that the web series shares the experiences of women who show that it is possible “to leave the coca behind in a permanent and sustainable way.”

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El Espectador and Paso Colombia

Women Seeding Peace: The Web Series of Women Who Gave Up Coca Crops

The Colombian national newspaper, El Espectador, interviewed Johana, the subject of Episode 5 of PASO Colombia’s web series “Women Seeding Peace.” The article describes the series, which highlights women who participated in the Contingency Plan implemented by PASO Colombia,  as telling “how violence crossed their lives, but also open the horizon for alternatives that may help unravel the crop substitution program, whose implementation is demanded from different regions of the country.”

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Canal Capital and Paso Colombia

Women Seeding Peace, Life After Coca Crops: An Inspiring Documentary

The news section of the Capital Channel talked about the stories of social transformation that were recorded in the web series “Women Seeding Peace.” Juan Fernando Lucio, director of PASO Colombia, explained how PASO’s Contingency Plan is being implemented to support women that left behind illicit crops and became leaders within their territories.

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Razon Publica and Paso Colombia

Women Seeding Peace, Life After Coca Crops

Fernando Pieschacón, Communications Officer of PASO Colombia, and Director of the series “Women Seeding Peace” was invited to make a video column in the web portal Razón Pública. He talked about the experience that gave rise to this series: the work of PASO Colombia supporting 1,967 families who participated in voluntary coca crops substitution and who became partners in the sustainable development of their territories.

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El Tiempo and Paso Colombia

Women Seeding Peace: The Peasant Women Who Left Coca Crops

The national newspaper El Tiempo published an article on "Women Seeding Peace," a video series that brings together the stories of peasant women who voluntarily substituted crops for illicit use. It reviews how the participants in the Contingency Plan to Support Ex-Coca Grower Families are "the protagonists of the 8-episode web series that gathers the testimonies of these women who help to revive the countryside through crop substitution, and who have become the engines of sustainable development in their territories.”

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