Model of the planned Sand Creek Memorial design by Harvey Pratt

Path to Peace: OEF Celebrates Denver’s Plans for Sand Creek Massacre Memorial at State Capitol Building

One Earth Future believes that the Sand Creek Memorial is one reminder that working together collaboratively to solve problems together is the best way to address the roots of conflict. The Sand Creek statue is the result of collaboration among the sovereign tribes involved and the government of... more

First US Vice President-Elect, Kamala Harris

First Female US Vice President-Elect!

70 countries have chosen a woman as their highest political leader. Women made up 24% of members of national legislatures around the world. No country has achieved parity yet. But, with the new US VP-elect Kamala Harris, we see another important step towards achieving gender equality!

One Earth Future Geography 2050 Featured Speakers

OEF Maritime Researchers Among Best & Brightest at AGS Geography 2050 Conference

The AGS’s annual Geography 2050 conference aims to create a multi-year long dialogue around the issues of humanity’s growing reliance upon ocean resources and maritime networks, bringing the best and brightest in the space to the forefront of these conversations. This year three OEF researchers... more

North Korea New Missile during the 75th Anniversary parade

North Korea: What We Know About the 'Massive' New Missile on Parade

Deputy Director Melissa Hanham pens a piece for the BBC describing what we learned from the 75thAnniversary Parade in North Korea. Her top three takes: North Korea’s new strategic weapon is a giant ICBM, its increased payload means more trouble for US ballistic missile defense, and new heavy... more

UN75 Global Governance Forum Post-Event Summary

The UN75 Global Governance Forum is Over, But the Conversation Continues!

This global conversation on the critical role of international cooperation in addressing the world’s increasingly complex problems was attended virtually by more than 3,500 people!  Check out a few of the ideas and innovative strategies fostered for effectively navigating the challenges of... more

Rural fish farming in rural Colombia

Op-ed: Philanthropy’s Role in the Missing Global Architecture

OEF Founder and CEO, Marcel Arsenault discusses the promise of the United Nations over the last 75 years and how philanthropy has a role to play in building a global system for designing, implementing and updating a multitude of plans to tackle the world's most complex and interconnected... more

UN 75 Webinar

UN75 Peace & Security Innovations Webinar

This webinar was part of an ongoing series of e-consultations, partnership discussions, and engagement with UN figures and experts around the world in preparation for the upcoming UN 75 Global Governance Forum.

Heatmap Piracy 10 years

Maritime Piracy Report Identifies Constantly Evolving Threat Requiring International and Inter-Agency Cooperation to Reduce Human Cost

What OEF teams have helped experts learn about countering piracy in the last decade.