North Korea New Missile during the 75th Anniversary parade
2020-10-11 15:30
North Korea: What We Know About the 'Massive' New Missile on Parade

Deputy Director Melissa Hanham pens a piece for the BBC describing what we learned from the 75thAnniversary Parade in North Korea. Her top three takes: North Korea’s new strategic weapon is a giant ICBM, its increased payload means more trouble for US ballistic missile defense, and new heavy... more

Experts on Destruction of the Inter-Korean Liaison Office
2020-06-22 16:05
Expert Commentary on Current Tensions Following the Destruction of the Inter-Korean Liaison Office

The risk of escalation on the Korean Peninsula is currently at a high point. Open Nuclear Network (ONN) has asked a number of renowned experts to share their views on the current tensions following the destruction of the Inter-Korean Liaison Office.

Online Science Diplomacy School Event
2020-05-08 07:10
The NPT: Preserving the Legacy

One Earth Future's Open Nuclear Network Director Laura Rockwood and Analyst Veronika Bedenko will be presenting as lecturers as part of the II Online Science... more

Threat similarities between nuclear weapons and COVID-19
2020-04-27 22:54
Nuclear Risk Reduction and COVID-19: What One Existential Threat Can Teach Us About Another

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, competing international security priorities including arms control, nuclear non-proliferation and disarmament, are taking a back seat. The delayed response to COVID-19 suggests some troubling analogies to the current state of affairs in the nuclear arena.

North Korean KN-25 rocket launch
2020-03-25 13:37
Analysing North Korea’s KN-25 Multiple Rocket Launcher System

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea recently launched at least two “super-large calibre” multiple rocket launcher (MRL) rounds into the Sea of Japan or East Sea on 9 March 2020.

ONN Open Source Nuclear and EUNPDC
2020-03-17 20:37
OEF’s Nuclear Programme Joins European Non-proliferation and Disarmament Network

One Earth Future's Open Nuclear Network programme joins the European non-proliferation and disarmament network (EUNPD), a collection of think tanks combating weapons of mass destruction and their delivery systems.

Nuclear Risk Reduction and Monitoring
2020-03-10 05:37
New Open Source Data Peace Initiative to Reduce Nuclear Risk

ONN combines open source data technology with a multinational team of experienced analysts and researchers, and its expert coordination of a global Engagement Network of accomplished individuals who are well positioned to open doors for dialogue among global leaders.

Nuclear Analyst Veronika Bedenko
2020-03-10 01:58
Meet Nuclear Analyst Veronika Bedenko

My semi-scientific background is very helpful in understanding and analysing the technical developments of North Korea’s nuclear program and I also bring an understanding of the global non-proliferation context.

Open Source Analyst - Nuclear
2020-03-06 21:36
Meet Nuclear Analyst Jaewoo Shin

I use open source data, statistics and machine learning to understand evolving trends related to nuclear risk reduction. Our current focus is the Korean Peninsula which, on a personal level, I obviously care deeply about.

Open Source Analyst - Nuclear
2020-03-06 21:26
Meet Nuclear Analyst Tianran Xu

I study missiles and nuclear delivery systems to better understand capabilities and ways to build strong, verifiable agreement and reduce the risk of nuclear weapons systems.