Marta Salazar Jaramillo, Colombia Deputy Director at One Earth Future

Marta Salazar Jaramillo

Deputy Director

As a Deputy Director of PASO Colombia, Marta focuses on strengthening the Rural Alternative School (ERA). At the planning stage, she identifies viable locations, needs of the communities, as well as potential projects or partners. During the implementation stage, she works in constant dialogue with the coordinator and technical assistants of each ERA, to guide the productive projects development, specific needs, and options to improve ERAs as collaborative platforms. Marta works along with our Information Management Officer and ILA departments, to monitor the ERA’s progress, to obtain indicators and to assess the projects performance.

Marta has more than ten-years of experience conceptualizing and developing social, environmental and cultural processes, in the public and private sector, with a focus in planning and analysis. Through her work, interaction and communication are the axes of every project undertaken, establishing connections and networks between people and organizations around a common goal. Marta has a Master in Habitat from the National University of Colombia and a B.A as a Publicist from the Pontifical Bolivarian  University.