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A Sweet Balance For Colombia’s Peace

The ex-combatants that participate in the Rural Alternative School (ERA) of Buenos Aires, Cauca, are harvesting the honey produced by their beekeeping project.

Tulua Coffee Growing School

Using Technology to Improve Coffee Production in the ERA of Tuluá

In the Rural Alternative School (ERA) of Tuluá, victims of the armed conflict and ex-combatants have collaborated on agricultural projects since July 2018. By utilizing technology, they are working together to make the coffee production process more efficient for export, supporting the... more


Piracy in the Gulf of Guinea

“We can see also from the latest report of the IMB, that is the International Maritime Bureau, that incidents of piracy are increasingly reducing in the region, with the top quarter showing that there’s a reduction from 156 in the top part of 2018 to 119 incidents in the top part of 2019. “ Dr... more


Testing Building Systems For Agricultural infrastructures. ERA Miranda, Cauca

Thanks to the partnership between Paso Colombia and Bay-Build, a pilot building was assembled at the Rural Alternative School of Miranda, Cauca.


North Korean Missile Launch

Short range missiles do pose a threat not only to the US's ally, South Korea, but US forces deployed in South Korea as well. Some of these missiles are nuclear capable and that means they should be taken very seriously.

Colombia escuela rural alternativa saravena

New Rural Alternative School in Saravena on Colombia-Venezuela Border

The New Rural Alternative School is a scalable platform of job generation for Venezuelan migrants. The migration of Venezuelans to Colombia poses a great challenge for the economic inclusion of 1.2 million people. It is also an opportunity to boost the rural economy in the Colombia-Venezuela... more


Countering Violent Conflict: Peacekeeping in the Democratic Republic of Congo

In November 2012, troops from the M23 rebel group marched into the city of Goma, in the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. The UN gave peacekeepers the mandate to take more offensive action to protect civilians. Within weeks the most powerful rebel group in the area had fallen apart and... more


Countering Violence Against Civilians

UN Peacekeeping in the Democratic Republic of Congo

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Rural Training in Colombia to Help Ex Combatants

Rural Alternative Schools (ERAs): Building Peace Through Collaboration Networks in Colombia

Rural Alternative Schools (ERAs) provide peasant communities and ex-combatants with agricultural training; technical assistance; and access to land, capital, and markets.


Inside Somali Fishing

Fishing is a vibrant sector along the Somali Coast. With continued support through investment and improved management, the Somali fishing sector has the potential to boost the Somali economy, ensuring long-term growth and stability in the region.